Enhance your enjoyment of golf by improving your skills. Paradise Hills Golf Course offers individual and group instruction with golf pros to help you with every aspect of the game and boost your confidence.

About our Professionals

Instruction isprovided by Robby Pernell, PGA & Jake Andeis, who truly enjoy helping others learn the game and find a new leisure outlet. They hone their own golf skills through competitive play throughout the year. Call the golf shop to book a lesson. 

Individual and Group Golf Instruction

Paradise Hills offers individual and small group golf instruction.

Individual lessons are available for any player six years of age or older and are tailored to help you develop the skills you need to be a well-rounded player and/or boost your competitiveness. 

  • Indidivual Lessons - per hour
  • 5 - 1-Hour Lesson Package - 5
  • 10 - 1-Hour Lesson Package - 0

Small group classes are available upon request and are usually limited to six golfers.

  • Individual - .00 per class
  • Monthly Classes - .00 - 4 classes per month
  • Kids Classes 
    • Individual - .00 per class
    • Month Classes - .00 - 4 classes per month

Junior Camps are offered during four sessions throughout the summer for players ages 6-17 for only 0 per child.  Lunch is included. Contact Robby or Jake in the golf shop.

Golf instruction makes use of our practice facilities, which include:

Our practice facilities are maintained with the same care as our golf course, and our driving range is included in our green transition.

No matter what level of play you are currently at or want to be, you can improve your game. Contact us to schedule individual lessons or for more information about our junior camps.